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Cookies and little cakes and candy corn, oh my!

Baked these today. Recipe here:http://www.averiecooks.com/2013/10/candy-corn-and-white-chocolate-softbatch-cookies.html

 photo candycorncookies_zps8d7a6789.jpg

Clint and Tasha helped by sorting candy corn.
 photo clintashacandy1_zpsda0bf21c.jpg

 photo clintashacandy2_zps1e62293d.jpg

Clint attacks the little lemon cakes I baked for Mom's birthday dinner, and also tries to eat the raw cookie dough.

 photo clintashacandy3_zps70f539bf.jpg

 photo clintashacandy4_zpsf998fad8.jpg

All done! (and yummy!)
 photo clintashacandy5_zps857b2518.jpg

Having dinner for Mom's birthday at Europa for tapas in Richmond. They're really good.

Newest American Hustle trailer is out, and so are new stills. Oh, Jeremy. The hair.

 photo tumblr_mug2daHPut1ru2w4bo1_500_zps52bdcbfe.jpg

Actually, they all have funny hair.
 photo tumblr_mu3vnqzsUd1qmbetwo1_500_zps85d58971.gif

I'm looking forward to this movie.
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