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No trouble for now...

My tests came back. I have a tiny, tiny cyst on my thyroid (5mm). Doc isn't worried because my blood tests were okay, but she wants me to have another ultrasound in six months. Other than that, things seem to be fine. Not so worried now.

I can't wait for these- Catching Fire Katniss and Effie Barbie and Peeta Ken! Not available until after Christmas, which blows. Too bad they couldn't get them ready in time for the movie release.

 photo katnissbarbie_zpsa2d91097.png photo peetaken_zps2d73bafa.png photo effiebarbie_zps377e0faf.png
Needless to say, I've pre-ordered them. I especially love Effie. Her outfit looks almost normal! LOL!
Tags: health woes, movies, toys!
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