Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Fall fun with the Avengers!

Picking out pumpkins (Fury is very picky- "That's a stupid-ass choice, I elect to ignore it!").

 photo avengersfallfun1_zps57eb092f.jpg

Carting the kids around in a wagon...

 photo avengersfallfun2_zpse63e7d48.jpg

Playing in leaf piles (HULK SMASH PUNY LEAVES!) and tasting candy apples. ("This 'candy apple'. I like it. ANOTHER!")

 photo avengersfallfun3_zps143a94de.jpg

And Loki, of course, tries to spoil the fun by throwing oversized pine cones at everybody. Boo hiss.

 photo avengersfallfun4_zps03c44c6d.jpg

Nobody seems to notice the giant raven stalking them!

More later...have to plan a Halloween party for them!
Tags: the adventures of clintasha, the avengers, toys!
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