Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

First Christmas ornament done!

Well, done with the stitching, at least. From Just Cross Stitch's annual ornament issue.

 photo cocoaornament_zpsb3b52fe1.jpg

I'm going to do this one twice, one for my tree, one for Katie. I have three more from that issue, plus three from Cross Stitch Crazy.

I'm house/dog sitting for Katie and Paul as they spend the weekend at their college for Homecoming. I love being around Giada. Plus I get a whole weekend of watching DVDs and cross stitching. :)

Very glad the government shutdown is over. Was really afraid Paul was going to be furloughed and not get paid for working while the shutdown was still happening.

I went to choir practice for the first time in almost a month. My voice is coming back, but I overdid it. :( We did a lot of work on the piece for Sunday that I won't be here for. :p But at least we also did Christmas carol service stuff. It's going to be good this year- the program is all Celtic tunes.
Tags: choir, christmas, cross stitch, family stuff, news, pet sitting
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