Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Some Halloween stuff!

The cupcakes I baked for the Rotary party:
 photo halloween2_zps066dc688.jpg

Clint was very interested in them.
 photo clintcupcake_zps120fe016.jpg

My thrown-together costume.
 photo halloween16_zpsbd646d66.jpg

It was a nice little party. We even had a wiener/marshmallow roast!
 photo halloween6_zpsf227de7a.jpg

 photo halloween9_zps443e5a58.jpg  photo halloween11_zpsdab9f619.jpg

Dad was The Man in the Yellow Hat, and brought a Curious George toy with him. George had a little too much to drink. :p
 photo halloween4_zpse1271d7b.jpg

My Halloween tree:
 photo halloween1_zps316ea275.jpg
Tags: cooking, halloween, toys!
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