Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

More Halloween!

With The Avengers, and a reluctant Rory. Photos behind cut, lots of them!

Boo! Halloween party with The Avengers! Fury, Hulk, and Iron Man with their Jack-o-Lanterns.
 photo avengerhalloween2_zps6c034a06.jpg

"I thought this was a costume party!" "What costume?" "CLINT!!!"
 photo avengerhalloween4_zps7d850662.jpg

Tasty treats and bobbing for apples!
 photo avengerhalloween3_zpsfca98ad6.jpg

Handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters!
 photo avengerhalloween8_zps40f8cc03.jpg

"Give Hulk break of Kit Kat bar!"
 photo avengerhalloween7_zps5342ba96.jpg

"Help! I'm drowning in candy!"
 photo avengerhalloween6_zps75e3fe85.jpg

Poor little devil Rory. He did not like the hat at all.
 photo devilrory2_zpsfdbad2ba.jpg

 photo devilrory_zps38364877.jpg

Tags: halloween, rory, the adventures of clintasha, the avengers, toys!
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