Judi (mollybarton) wrote,


Day of the Doctor was awesome. That is all.

Spoiler-y thoughts...

GALLIFREY STANDS! "Gallifrey Falls No More!" Nice way to save the Doctor's world.

Was not expecting Peter Capaldi (the new Doctor as of this Christmas) to pop up.

FOURTH DOCTOR! What a nice cameo by Tom Baker. I'd heard rumors he'd been spotted around filming, but didn't think he'd actually be in it.

Shout out to Captain Jack Harkness. "It was bequeathed to us upon his death. Well, one of them." Hee!

John Hurt rocked.

Billie Piper was okay, considering she wasn't really Rose. Loved David Tennant's look when Hurt said "Bad Wolf".

And Tennant repeated his "I don't want to go" line. :(

I am dreading the Christmas special. I'm not ready to let go of Eleven or Matt Smith.

Tags: doctor who, squeeeeeee!
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