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Many, many photos.

Mom and Dad's big tree. Almost 500 ornaments now. And counting. Every year, they manage to get them all on, but this year I took some of the smaller ornaments and put them on smaller trees. Music and angel trees!
 photo bigtree20132_zpsc628bc94.jpg  photo minitrees_zps71178556.jpg

Merry Trek-mas!
 photo trekmas20131_zpsf3035962.jpg  photo trekmas20133_zps2374f54a.jpg
 photo trekmas20132_zps2a7af019.jpg  photo trekmas20134_zps24840d75.jpg

Two Hello Kittys take a sleigh ride.
 photo kittysled_zps4d8afaae.jpg

Clint and Tasha have done some holiday baking. Clint warns you not to eat the f****** candy from the gingerbread house. :p Wrong movie, Clint.
 photo clintashaxmas8_zps52501d80.jpg photo clintashaxmas7_zps69941662.jpg

Decorating is done! Now it's time to work on baking, presents, and choir music!