Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Ice Storm.

Woke up to this today.

 photo icestorm5_zps489e614a.jpg  photo icestorm4_zpscced2b0b.jpg

 photo icestorm1_zps5e50a5cf.jpg  photo icestorm2_zps8f9765a4.jpg

There were some trees down, and a brief power outage. Most of the ice has melted, but snow is coming.

Photos from my icy downtown stroll yesterday-

Store displays from A Place in Time, a shop my mom and I both love, which is going out of business soon because the owner is retiring. She couldn't find a buyer to take over. I'll miss it.

 photo window4_zpsf232dc2e.jpg  photo window3_zps9db4a059.jpg

Rocking Horse Gallery- wonderful dolls and bears.
 photo window7_zps6eb13a67.jpg photo window8_zps36da7501.jpg

Riverby Used Books:
 photo window5_zpsa511b7f9.jpg

I didn't get a chance to look at Whittinghams's windows. They're always spectacular.

Finally- Clint and Tasha are settling down for Christmas, too.
 photo clintashaxmas1_zps84202299.jpg

Tags: the adventures of clintasha, toys!, weather

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