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All set for Christmas.

Make up and accessory wise, anyway. I had to shop for presents at Charming Charlie and Sephora today, and picked up a couple of things for myself, too.

Christmas ball necklace (they're plastic, not glass!).
 photo ccxmasnecklace_zpsf9f6edcf.jpg

One of two awesome nail polishes I got today:
 photo newpolish_zps10df0ab2.jpg

The other is a gorgeous red. I'm going to wear that one on Sunday.

Plus, this is a bracelet I made a month ago- hadn't posted it yet.
 photo christmastrain_zps1b98f9c7.jpg

Choir practice last night wore me out. I think we'll be ready for the Carol Service on Sunday, but it's going to be close. Some of our singers haven't been to practice recently. The big rehearsal is Saturday morning...after that, Mom, Dad, Katie, and I are headed to Potomac Mills to do more Christmas shopping.