Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Christmas treats!

Mom and Dad hosted a Christmas party last night- the theme was Italian food.

 photo xmasparty2_zps97f89521.jpg

I made Italian flag cookies, like I always do at Christmas. And Mom made a spiced rum and red wine punch.

 photo xmasparty1_zps55534794.jpg

There was a good turnout, and everyone liked the food. Mom did most of the cooking, but she let me make one dish.

Christmas cookies are baked, though I took a shortcut with one (snickerdoodles were store bought slice-and-bake). I didn't make the huge variety that I usually do (four kinds instead of seven or eight) because I just ran out of time. Katie was getting worried because I was late with the cookies this year! Blame it on the slightly shorter Advent season and the extra parties and concerts I had to get ready for!

 photo xmascookies_zps3b20fc48.jpg
Tags: christmas, cooking, nom nom nom
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