Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Christmas 2013- done!

Lots of stuff under the cut.

Tasha and Clint explore the Christmas decorations, and check out some of my presents.

Clint, Wrecking Ball is not a good look for you!
 photo clintashaxmas4_zpsc52a8925.jpg

Clint is sick of the bird jokes.
 photo clintashaxmas3_zpsdcfdf70b.jpg

My TARDIS jewelry box! It's bigger on the inside. :p
 photo clintashaxmas7_zpscca62443.jpg  photo clintashaxmas8_zpsebe9c18c.jpg

Clint and Tasha explore ancient Hawkeye history. :p
 photo clintashaxmas6_zps1afb43f3.jpg

My sister knows me too well. She got me a Dalek ornament to go with my TARDIS.
 photo xmasday2_zps676f5dfd.jpg

Christmas Trifle and Red Velvet Cake (with white chocolate cheesecake in between the layers!).
 photo xmasday3_zpsb214e093.jpg

Rory is not fond of Christmas. :(
 photo xmasrory_zps7e40f030.jpg

Finally, all Tasha wants for Christmas is Clint!
 photo clintashaxmas2_zps5f7c392e.jpg

Christmas Dinner was nice. Lots of family time and great presents! Mom surprised me with some Doctor Who stuff and a Betsey Johnson purse. Next few days are reserved for going to movies!

Hope everyone had a great holiday.

My thoughts on Doctor Who later. The episode was kind of a mess, but the ending made me cry.

Tags: christmas, doctor who, family stuff, rory, the adventures of clintasha, toys!

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