Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Raggedy Man, Goodnight.

Time of the Doctor...spoilers, sweetie.

Well, that was one big retconned mess. But that's typical of Moffat's writing. The plot mishmashed everything from Eleven's first episode on...the crack in Amelia's wall was the Time Lords looking for the Doctor (and a way out of their universe and back into ours) all along? The TARDIS exploding in The Big Bang was caused by the Church of the Silence? Ugh. Too much messing with established plot lines. The Silence and The Doctor fighting together, really? And I hated that River Song wannabe, Tasha Yem.

Other than that...nice moments between the Doctor and Clara, and the Doctor being granted a whole new regeneration cycle (Eleven was supposed to be the last). The regeneration wasn't as drawn out as Ten's was...just lasts long enough for him to say goodbye to Clara...and a goodbye to a hallucinated Amy Pond (the first person Eleven saw with those eyes). Then suddenly, wham, Twelve! So that was very sad. I'm going to miss Eleven/Matt Smith. I think he was my Doctor more than Tennant. But I'm looking forward to see what Peter Capaldi can do with Twelve.

Tags: doctor who

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