Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

One last present...

Thor and Loki Bobblehead dolls have joined my Avengers shelf. The rest of the toys aren't sure what to make of them yet.
 photo xmasday1_zps264e6c6d.jpg

Saw Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Sunday, saw Anchorman 2 today, and will see American Hustle tomorrow. I liked Hobbit- it was a little bit too long and had some unnecessary added stuff, but it was better than part one. And Smaug was awesome. I love Benedict Cumberbatch's voice. Anchorman 2 was fun, with some great cameos at the end, but I really preferred the first one. This one isn't as quotable as the first, and there were a few cringe inducing scenes. But there were still plenty of scenes to make me choke on my soda from laughing so hard! 
Tags: christmas, movies, the avengers, toys!
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