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One last present...

Thor and Loki Bobblehead dolls have joined my Avengers shelf. The rest of the toys aren't sure what to make of them yet.
 photo xmasday1_zps264e6c6d.jpg

Saw Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Sunday, saw Anchorman 2 today, and will see American Hustle tomorrow. I liked Hobbit- it was a little bit too long and had some unnecessary added stuff, but it was better than part one. And Smaug was awesome. I love Benedict Cumberbatch's voice. Anchorman 2 was fun, with some great cameos at the end, but I really preferred the first one. This one isn't as quotable as the first, and there were a few cringe inducing scenes. But there were still plenty of scenes to make me choke on my soda from laughing so hard!