Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Happy New Year!

May 2014 suck less than 2013 for all of us. If 2013 did not suck for you, I hope 2014 is even better for you.

My feelings about 2013:
 photo 1502555_10152072984210256_603116460_n_zpsebd28df7.jpg

Thank you Malcolm Tucker/Twelfth Doctor. (They really need to let Peter Capaldi swear at least once on Doctor Who...)

Went to the Riverside Center with Mom and Dad to see White Christmas. Had a really nice time, got to get all dressed up in my formal dress. The whole theater was decorated for the event! The show was great, but the DJ for the party after was too damn loud!

Oh, I also had some stowaways...Clint, Tasha, Thor, and Sif wanted to tag along. (yes, the pictures suck. I was using my cell phone!)
 photo newyears1_zps21584ab9.jpg photo newyears3_zps815c65b5.jpg
 photo newyears5_zpse5de1766.jpg  photo newyears4_zpsb9341540.jpg

Saw American Hustle. It was awesome. Also saw Philomena, which was heartbreaking. Will elaborate on both later. Going to see Wolf of Wall Street and Saving Mr. Banks later this week...and I'm going to the Newseum on Friday to see the JFK Assassination exhibit (it closes next week), and the special Anchorman movie exhibit!
Tags: doctor who, movies, the adventures of clintasha, theater, toys!
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