Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Yet another Hawkeye!

Here is a cute, sad-looking Hawkeye surrounded by other Hawkeyes.

 photo finishedsadhawkeye2_zps9eaf98e7.jpg

I may make him into a doll.

Sick of the fucking snow. I really am. This is the fourth time since January that I've been snowed in!

House sitting for Katie this week. She and Paul are taking a "Bourbon Tour" in Kentucky. Kind of like their winery tours that they're so fond of. Paul is feeling okay, well enough to travel, despite some setbacks that I'll detail later.

Sam has a great part time job! He's working for Richmond's NBC affiliate, doing graphics work (the breaking news, weather, traffic headers, etc.). He has to start very, very early in the morning, and he still has a bunch of classes, but it's a great gig and will get his foot in the door for future work.

The Ash Wednesday service was tonight- and I am mad as hell. The pastor decided to ditch the half the music the choir worked on in favor of the Praise Team leader's horrible music. The second half of the service was just terrible. I wanted to cry. We worked so hard and got slapped in the face. I was really liking the new pastor until tonight...
Tags: choir, cross stitch, family stuff, fuck cancer, weather

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