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Aw, too cute.

My Mini Muggs Hawkeye now has a baby brother, Micro Muggs Hawkeye!

 photo miniandmicroclint_zps3a7e3e83.jpg

I've been watching most of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoons...and I came upon this lovely scene. Wasp and Hawkeye lounging by the pool. Hubba hubba. Love the farmer's tan, Clint!

 photo emhcap1_zpsb3cf8664.jpg

LOL. Fanservice on a kid's show! Of course, the comic books are far racier...

Another reason I enjoy the cartoon- Hulk and Hawkeye's odd friendship.

 photo tumblr_mm6porkReG1qbn6jwo1_500_zpsf4dc2522.gif