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More comics....

I took advantage of a trial membership at Marvel.com this month, and got to go through older comics practically for free. I'm all caught up on several storylines, and got introduced to the Marvel heroes from the other side of the pond. I didn't know there was a Captain Britain until recently, and he's been around since 1976! I totally love him. He's not just a British version of Captain America- he was put together as a hero by Merlyn. Yup, magic is real in Marvel's Britain. So he leads (or used to lead) the U.K.'s X-Men, Excalibur; and also works with MI 13 (they're Britain's S.H.I.E.L.D). Which brings me to this guy, Pete Wisdom- secret agent, assassin, probably has more red in his ledger than even Black Widow. Oh, yeah, he's also a mutant that can turn his fingers into really hot fire knives. He really needs to show up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or in a movie. He drinks too much, smokes too much, womanizes too much (except when he was with Kitty Pryde), swears too much,  and is quite rude:

 photo petewisdom_zps7b5cfb56.jpg
(from his first appearance in Excalibur in 1995) He's been toned down a bit in recent years, no more cigarettes but still chasing women a bit. For a comic book character, he's pretty sexy, and there's a lot of fan art about him. :p Not as sexy as Hawkeye, but close.

I loved Captain Britain turning up in Secret Avengers last year. I hope there's room for him and Pete in the next one. And the Black Knight, too.

Oh, and of course my fan casting for Pete is Bryan Dick. :p No one else would have thought of him, but he fits- Wisdom is described as 5'9 and thin, and has a "don't mess with me because I will fuck you up" attitude- Bryan is good at that kind of character. Dye his hair black, stick brown contacts in his eyes, put him in a trench coat, and there you have a live Pete Wisdom! Can't think of anyone for Captain Britain, though. Dude is supposedly 6'6, 230 lbs,, blond hair, blue eyes, totally hot,  and I don't know many British actors who fit the bill! :p
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