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And even more comics...

Got another Excalibur comic yesterday, and Clint continues to be jealous. Here he is throwing a tantrum...

 photo clintisstilljealous_zps1e12c8c5.jpg

Also read the Avengers Babies versus X-Men Babies comic (two years late, I know), and giggled all the way through it, absolutely losing it at baby Galactus. But then I spotted this little guy:

 photo babycapbrit_zpsadd40227.jpg

Baby. Captain. Britain. OMG so cute! Of course he had to be there, his twin sister Psylocke is an X-Man and she's in the spoof. But how cute would a Baby! MI-13 comic be? Baby Black Knight! Baby Excalibur! Uh, Baby Pete Wisdom? Scary thought, but he might be cute, too. At least MI-13 era Wisdom has given up the cigarettes...
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