Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

One more comics post. Sorry not sorry. :p

Behind a cut because it's image heavy. Plus there are cat pictures, too! Rory was cute today.

Holy crap, how can a comic book character be sexy? Here's Pete Wisdom from his guest spot in Gambit last year:

 photo nekkidpete1_zpsbb96cae4.jpg  photo nekkidpete2_zps21076d2d.jpg

Nekkid Pete with a bit of bum! He was banging a random chick who turned out to be one of the bad guys. He later says, "This is a case where the sex definitely wasn't worth it!"

And from X-Men: Die By the Sword (after fooling around with Dazzler):

 photo sexypete_zpsbfdcb8ee.jpg
I love how he kept his tie on.

And how about some fan art?
 photo tumblr_n0oqpxTmPA1rff1c9o1_500_zpsef7f57fc.png

Rwoooar. And here's some naughty Captain Britain (from 1985!):
 photo nekkidcapbritain_zpsd64940aa.jpg

If these boys ever get live action treatment, they'd better be played by some really hot guys.

Here is Rory meeting my Captain Britain figure...as usual, he first sniffs and then bats the newcomer.

 photo Rorymeetscap1_zpsc5494945.jpg photo Rorymeetscap2_zps3b0f6f42.jpg

He watched American Hustle with me, then took a nap on a pile of laundry I really need to put away...

 photo rorywatchesamovie_zps90d5c7fb.jpg  photo rorynesting_zps92fe5896.jpg

I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel last week, and it was awesome. Next week, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I've already been spoiled. Dammit.

And RIP, Mickey Rooney. Not many Hollywood legends left now...

Tags: comics, rory, toys!

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