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What the hell, he was only a buck.

This little HeroClix piece is likely the only thing close to a Pete Wisdom action figure I'll ever see, unless I have someone custom make one for me.

 photo _12_zps7f84ba77.jpg

He can annoy the snot out of my Captain Britain figure, even if he is little. :p The Excalibur series of HeroClix was made in 2007. Glad there are still pieces floating around. I might pick up the little Captain Britain and Meggan figures later.

Other comics stuff- I've read Amazing X-Men 1-5 and Nightcrawler #1. All about the resurrection of Kurt Wagner! Gotta love that blue elf. Another reason I loved reading the Excalibur series- Nightcrawler really shone there. Anyway, here is dear Kurt and his army of Bamfs, greeting his on again off again girlfriend...(Hi honey, guess what? I'm alive!).

 photo tumblr_n3uznuEyqg1qa3umro1_1280_zpsd5419279.jpg