Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Tiny!Pete is tiny.

The adventures of Tiny!Pete's arrival and some Easter stuff behind the cut.

The HeroClix Pete Wisdom is even smaller than I expected! Captain Britain is concerned. "What happened?" "No idea. Probably Loki."

 photo tinypete2_zps632c383a.jpg

The Avengers are happy with him, though. His "fire knives" are useful. He made them some Peep S'mores!

 photo tinypete4_zps8f3d5f77.jpg

This is the cake I made for Easter dessert. It has Peep-colored marshmallow frosting between the layers, and the outside is dark chocolate ganache covered in coconut flakes! It was delicious.

 photo peepcake1_zps18f30252.jpg

The church services were nice, but I totally wore out my voice from singing at both. We went down to Richmond to have Easter dinner with Sam and Niki at Tarrant's Cafe. It was excellent! Here's the Easter cross in front of the church:

 photo Easter2014_zps9ceb8a0a.jpg

Part two of Tiny!Pete and the Avengers...Clint and Tasha decided that my bowl of leftover Easter candy cake decorations looked like a ball pit, and decided to have fun. They invited the Captains and Tiny!Pete to join them.

 photo avengerscandy1_zps44a9f6f0.jpg

But Brian was concerned that he hadn't seen Pete in a while...and then there was panic. "OH MY GOD!" "Pete are you okay down there?" "Oh God, I think I stepped on him!"

 photo avengerscandy2_zps11e23e44.jpg

Pete had stepped out for a cigarette. "Bloody Avengers! A bloke can't have a cigarette in peace without them freaking out!"

 photo avengerscandy3_zpsfc257abb.jpg

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