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It's an X-Men invasion! Psylocke and Kitty Pryde (and Lockheed) have joined the Shelf!

First- Pyslocke hugs her twin brother, Captain Britain. Hawkeye is worried about the upcoming X-Men invasion...

 photo psylockearrives2_zps5f017ee1.jpg

Next, Kitty Pryde is reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Pete Wisdom. She's surprised at how tiny he's gotten...

 photo hellokitty2_zps3e4f41f8.jpg

...but he's more afraid of Lockheed. "I still 'ate yoo! And now I'm gonna eat yoo!" Poor Pete. "Aw, bloody hell! Call him off, Kitty!"

 photo hellokitty4_zps52b10cce.jpg

Kitty, Pyslocke, Sif, and Black Widow have a night away from all the boys (except for tag-along Lockheed) with lots of drinking!

 photo ladiesnight1_zps3913d0b0.jpg

I have the Black Knight coming soon, and I'm on the hunt for a decent Nightcrawler figure. And if I can find a loose Mockingbird figure, without the rest of the West Coast Avengers, she's going in my shopping cart, too!