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Shopping, crafting, and comics below...

Made a Sephora run this week, and got this cute set:

 photo candyshop2_zpsf5e6d2ce.jpg photo candyshop1_zpsa9ba00d6.jpg

Also stopped by Charming Charlie and got this adorable bow and arrow necklace:

 photo arrownecklace_zps35f38168.jpg

And Michaels had Marvel scrapbook paper! I can't wait to play with these pages.

 photo marvelscrap1_zps15b0109d.jpg photo marvelscrap3_zps05cf6c49.jpg

Finally, I did a read-through of some early-to-mid 90s Avengers comics. And learned that the Black Knight was a dork then, too. That hair! That stubble! That awkwardness with women! Oh, wait, that last bit has always been constant. Dane, you dork!

 photo 90sknight4_zps09801e3b.jpg

The Black Knight is quite embarrassed by his past. The early 90s were bad for everyone, Dane.

 photo 90sknight5_zps06074541.jpg

I love comic books.