Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Another week of comics and action figures...

Finally got my Winter Soldier Black Widow! Hawkeye is happy to see her.
 photo happycouple1_zps1b460369.jpg

I read Original Sins #2 only for the Black Knight story (well, the Howard the Duck piece was fun, too). It broke my heart. Poor Dane is going crazy because of the Ebony Blade. I wonder when the story takes place, because he was doing okay before. But now...he's locked up in his apartment, slashing the walls with the blade, and just hanging out in his underwear while holding the blade a little too close.

Did I mention he's in his undies the whole time?
 photo danebutt_zps58bd34fc.jpg

It's so sad. He's an absolute wreck by the final panels.
 photo poordane2_zpscc338fa7.png

Whoa. Poor baby. Surely this must take place before MI-13, because Captain Britain would NOT let his BFF just shut himself off like that...to say nothing of his girlfriend and the rest of the team!

Also, there's no real new ground covered here...Dane has always known that the blade causes big trouble for its wielder. He was turned into a statue once, for crying out loud! And he did go a bit nuts because of the curse during his late 80's Avengers run. I think this time he's more depressed than insane, plus he feels guilty about what he did to a criminal in this story.

Whatever is going on with him, he obviously snaps out of it because he's already involved with Euroforce in Avengers World, starting with #8, and he'll be in several other issues of that. I wonder what that means for him and MI-13...and Faiza...:(

On a lighter Black Knight note, my little Dane had to compare his butt to the comic version..."Does my cape make my ass look big?" :p

 photo blackknightbutt_zps6acc26b3.jpg

Shake that ass, Dane. :p
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