Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

More comic jewelry!

I got this cute Black Knight piece today- it's a Hero Clix game piece. And yeah, he's riding that silly "Atomic Steed" of the 80s, but they didn't make one with his winged steed! Dane is curious about the little guy:
 photo miniknight2_zpsc47858c8.jpg

"I shall call him Mini-Me!"

There is a lack of Black Knight merchandise besides action figures/statues. No jewelry that I know of, so I made some for myself. First, the Hero Clix piece turned into a pendant:

 photo bkpendant3_zpsf91f6b4b.jpg

Two pendants made from comic images:
 photo bkpendant4_zpsbddfd495.jpg photo bkpendant1_zps50f3c20d.jpg

If there's any interest on Tumblr, etc., I'll make more and put them on Etsy.
Tags: beading, comics, crafty!, etsy, toys!
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