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Happy birthday me. :p

Not a bad day. Great presents, nice dinner with the family.

New Hawkeye figure! He's huge.
 photo bighawkeye_zps6e54f05c.jpg

A different version of Black Knight! This is more Dane in Heroes for Hire than anything.
 photo bigknight_zps05d1d23c.jpg

Wasp! Now I have five girls in the Shelf Avengers.
 photo wasp_zps521eb3bc.jpg

My next cross stitch project. She's an archer. I had to get it!
 photo emioriginal_zps615966e5.jpg

Had dinner at Captain Billy's. Haven't been there in a few years.
 photo birthdaydinner6_zps763f8873.jpg

 photo birthdaydinner1_zpsbeea2b45.jpg

 photo birthdaydinner4_zps5c4a8e7f.jpg

I'm tired. :p

Katie, Paul, and Sam had a great time in Spain. Mom and Dad are thinking about going to Montreal in October, and I might get to go with them. I need to get a new passport!


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Aug. 4th, 2014 01:40 am (UTC)
Happy (belated) birthday, KM. :) Looks like you had a nice time. I'm very embarrassed that I didn't put up a greeting for you yesterday. I'm a big doof.

BTW, is that an osprey nest? If so...wow!
Aug. 5th, 2014 12:44 am (UTC)
HI, WWJW! And thanks!

Yep, those are ospreys! I love going to the beach- all kinds of birds. :)
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