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Comic post of the week!

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy and loved it. WE ARE GROOT! What a bunch of A-holes! It was a fun movie.

Next week, the only comics I'm getting are Nightcrawler #5 and Avengers World #11.

And the unlettered preview for Avengers World #12 is out- it explains how the Black Knight was recruited into Euroforce. And it's more proof that AW takes place after Original Sin, because Dane is a mess:
 photo AWORLD12part1_zps4a202a39.jpg
 photo AWORLD12part2_zpsb6bba40d.jpg

Oh, dear. Something tells me he's done with MI-13. :( And AW #10 made it clear that Dane is still bitter about the Avengers not asking him back.

More comics- I have a new comic crush: Starfox/Eros of Titan. Also known to many as the biggest man-slut in the Marvel Universe! Yes, even more than Tony Stark and Hawkeye. He's got several thousand years on them! He even had a one night stand with She-Hulk:
 photo foxandshehulk1_zps41849a9b.jpg
 photo hookup_zps293fc736.jpg
BOW CHICKA WOW WOW. Anyway, one of his powers is the ability to stimulate the pleasure centers of people's brains. It's actually useful against some enemies- they forget what they're doing when Starfox does his thing. In mythology, Eros was the god of love- more specifically the god of sex/fertility/lust/passion, etc. Pretty obvious where the words erotic and erogenous zone came from!

There was a horrible retcon during She-Hulk volume 2 where Eros was made to look like he was using his powers to seduce or date rape, something he wasn't capable of doing before. And She-Hulk kicked him in the balls! She incorrectly assumed he had seduced her, even though at the time they both thought it was just a bit of fun. The retcon was retconned itself as something his brother Thanos did to him. So, no jail time, but a ruined reputation, anyway. :( He hasn't been in the comics for several years, but will be back soon. I just ordered a Starfox action figure!
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