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D.C Weekend 2014!

Spent four days in D.C. with Mom and Aunt Pauletta. Lots of photos behind the cut!

Day one- Smithsonian Museum of American History.
 photo amhistory2_zpsf57da897.jpg photo amhistory1_zps85d3f4eb.jpg
 photo amhistory6_zps680eec49.jpg photo amhistory7_zpsdc8fc0a7.jpg

Smithsonian Castle:
 photo smithcastle_zps06e5842a.jpg

The gardens around the museums were gorgeous. This was my favorite flower- the Golden Shrimp Flower!
 photo dcgardens1_zps1eb07b75.jpg photo dcgardens3_zps86e6c1b1.jpg

Day 2 was the Newseum and The Lion King at the Kennedy Center.

 photo newseum1_zps698dc5ae.jpg

 photo newseum2_zps07725ea7.jpg photo newseum3_zpsbe824aaf.jpg

The front pages the day of my visit:
 photo newseum5_zps082bac8e.jpg

Kind of a big deal.
 photo newseum6_zps116dd0f7.jpg photo newseum7_zpsa50dfd96.jpg
 photo newseum11_zps1847fe44.jpg  photo newseum16_zpscc8c79f1.jpg
A glass case of emotion!

 photo newseum15_zps1935bdb7.jpg

 photo newseum14_zpse21e2fd5.jpg

A Segway Parade outside the Newseum!
 photo segwayparade_zps6dc0b328.jpg

I'd never been to the Kennedy Center. It was awesome.

 photo kennedycenter_zps118bfa71.jpg

I loved The Lion King! It was gorgeous and so much fun. I loved the use of masks and puppets.

Day three was the Natural History Museum and a Nats game. We saw a 3-D/IMAX film about Jerusalem, which was narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch. It was a lovely film. The museum was really too crowded to enjoy that day. I almost had a panic attack and had to leave early. I managed to see the gems exhibit.

The Nats game was fun. It looked like they were going to lose, but they rallied and beat the Pirates 4-3.

Last day we celebrated Katie's birthday at Cuba Libre. Lots of great traditional and modern Cuban food! And a lot of rum. We were stuffed.

 photo cuba1_zps8ad04344.jpg photo cuba2_zps84c7fe0f.jpg

 photo cuba5_zps23abc224.jpg

It was a fun weekend, but I'm exhausted. I must have walked about 15 miles!