Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

My comics round-up....

Still reading Nightcrawler. #7 was very sad. Starting Hawkeye vs. Deadpool- the first two issues have been very promising. And hilarious. Avengers World is wrapping up, at least it is for the Black Knight. Damn it. I want more Dane! I wish I knew if any writers have any plans for him.

And Starfox is coming back after a long, long hiatus. I think the last time he appeared anywhere was that dreadful She-Hulk story arc from 2006. He'll be part of the graphic novel Rage of Ultron next May. I've seen some preliminary sketches of his opening pages. Eros has a new look (a bit scruffy), and he seems to have gone back to his pleasure-seeking ways:

foxy starfox

Down, boy!

Speaking of graphic novels (and Starfox), I recently read The Death of Captain Marvel. I was a little kid when the good Kree captain had most of his adventures, but I knew enough about him to enjoy (and cry over) the story of his bitter end. It was so sad! Next up, the Under Siege arc from The Avengers. The 80s had some great stories.
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