Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Mom's birthday...

We were planning to go to Bonefish Grill for dinner. So we got there, 20 minute wait. No biggie. We waited. And waited. Dad went to the front and ask if we'd been called. The girl said "We paged you, you didn't answer so we thought you'd left." Um, if we'd left, we would have returned the stupid pager. Then they got snippy when we requested a table instead of a booth. Even the manager acted like we were at fault for all of the delays. Finally Dad just said "No thanks" and we went next door to the Chinese place we love. The food and service was fantastic.

I ordered the scallion bubble pancake for an appetizer- this is what it looks like:

bubble pancake

It was light, airy, and tasty. The rest of the food was amazing, much better than anything at Bonefish! Plus, we have tons of leftovers for tomorrow. So it all worked out.

My problem wasn't the wait at Bonefish- it was the rudeness of the staff, and the manager's bullshitting. When a customer has a problem, the last thing you should do is accuse them of lying, or blaming them for whatever went wrong.

I made Mom a pie instead of a cake. It's from last year's Southern Living Annual Recipes, and I somehow missed it. It's a chocolate chess pie with salted caramel pecans:

pie 2014

It was yummy but messy. I think I need to bake the next one longer than the recipe suggests.

This was a try-out for Thanksgiving. I'm probably going to make five pies, two of each kind, for our crowd this year. This is going to be me:


BRING FORTH THE PIES! I need to make a big sign of Thor and Hulk presenting pies to display on the dessert table.

The Nats are already out of the playoffs. The Giants beat them three games to one. It was a great year for the Nats, anyway. I'm still hoping the Orioles make it to the Series, even though I don't really follow the American League.
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