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New Shelf members!

The Inhuman royal family (well, three members) have joined the Shelf Avengers. Black Bolt, Medusa, and Karnak are welcomed by Captain America and company. Black Bolt is so happy he does something he's not supposed to do...speak. Oops.

 photo inhumans1_zps18ffec41.jpg

Medusa apologizes for him.

 photo inhumans2_zpsb96e931f.jpg

Marvel is planning an Inhumans movie, so I've been reading some old comics about them. I think Black Bolt and Medusa are my new OTP.

Really, how
 photo tumblr_mxxhmkAQeI1qcejybo3_500_zps8b524745.png

 photo bbandmedusa3_zps0acd3090.jpg

are they?
 photo bbandmedusa2_zps352a76bc.jpg

Even the infamous Marvel Swimsuit issue (god, the 90s were terrible) made them look cute.
 photo bbandmedusa1_zps34eb6c4c.jpg

So, he can't speak without destroying things (his scream at its most powerful could destroy a planet). She interprets for him.

This exchange says it all:
During the Beyond! miniseries, the Wasp asks Medusa the secret to her long and happy marriage to Black Bolt.
Medusa: Communication.
Wasp: ...He's mute.
Medusa: Yes, and I can't stress enough what an aid that is during our occasional disagreements.

The Marvel What If? series always had fun with the Inhuman King:
 photo blackbolthiccups_zps2970060c.jpg

Also, Medusa's hair is awesome. It can grab things and throw them around.

Also in comics- Avengers World #14 wrapped up its current arc, and it wrapped it up too quickly and too neatly. At least the Black Knight looked pretty:
 photo aw144_zpsf078bb7d.jpg
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