Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Weekend football...

Colorado State squeaked by Utah State for their Homecoming Game yesterday. They're 6-1, and bowl-eligible! Awesome.

Redskins managed a win today. 2-4 record now. Oh, well. At least they aren't the Oakland Raiders. 0-6. OUCH.

Broncos- Peyton Manning just passed Brett Farve's record of career touchdown passes. Also, they showed no mercy towards the 49ers tonight. 42-17, final score!

I was actually wearing orange today. Total coincidence. October/Halloween is a great time to be a Broncos fan- you can show your colors and just say it's for Halloween! :p

Think I'll get this ornament for my Christmas tree this year:
Nothing better than to end the weekend by watching the Broncos kick ass. :)
Tags: colorado, football
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