Judi (mollybarton) wrote,


I didn't get to dress up this Halloween, but I did have a "party" for the Shelf Avengers:

2014 halloween 7

2014 halloween 1

Clint and Tasha "hosted" the event at their little Halloween house:

avenging gothic

Everyone showed up except Loki. He forgot.

2014 halloween 2

They left behind quite a mess:

2014 halloween 4

Katie dressed up as Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books. Sadly, many of the students didn't know who Luna was! She threw the costume together at the last minute, and used the wig I wore when I dressed up as Glinda many years ago. I forgot she had it! I think she looked pretty good:

Sam went to work as Jim from The Office!

Ella was Belle, and Elijah was a chef. Too cute for words.


Halloween is over, and now the Christmas commercials are starting to air. Ugh We still have Thanksgiving first, for crying out loud!

Tags: family stuff, halloween, the adventures of clintasha, toys!
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