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2014 midterm elections...

My reaction:


The Republicans control the Senate. They control everything but the White House. They have Congress and the Supreme Court. Fuck every Democrat who didn't bother to vote.

I knew this would happen. The voters always stay home for the midterms. And look what happened. Senate Majority Leader McConnell. Please, somebody kill me.

And Mark Warner was barely re-elected in Virginia.

I hope people wake up and vote in 2016. We managed to survive a GOP dominated Congress from 1994-2006. Lots of GOP incumbents running in 2016! THERE WILL BE BLOOD AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!!!!! :p :p :p :p

Tumblr did something cute for the voters- if you clicked "I already voted", you got a little hat for your icon. Here's mine:
tumblr vote 2

Dane looks rather silly with a hat on top of his helmet...