Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

A little Thanksgiving humor...

And some Thanksgiving photos behind the cut.

Spidey, how could you? :p


A year late for this joke.

The Shelf Avengers thought my table centerpiece was a parade float. Sorry guys, you missed the Macy's Parade!

thanks 2014 4

Mom embroidered this tablecloth with her new machine!

thanks 2014 1

She also did this "turkey" veggie tray.

thanks 2014 2

Dinner was a small-ish gathering, only eight of us. Paul was very tired and napped most of the day, but he actually ate, which made Katie happy. Sam had to eat and run because he has to get to work at the T.V. station at 3 a.m.! And Rory hid from us all day. My cat does not like other people, especially my sister. :(

The food was great, though there was a problem with the rolls. They didn't rise. Oops! There were too many pies...

pies 2014

And those were just mine! There were eleven pies in total.

Mom and I are worn out from cooking and cleaning up (we did have some help from the guests). We're both going to sleep in tomorrow, and then go see Mockingjay, part 1 on Saturday, and maybe do a little shopping.

Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one!

Tags: cooking, family stuff, humor, rory
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