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Another year, another carol service done. No problems this time. The bells were excellent, the kids were adorable (though few), and even the youth choir was enthusiastic. Now I'm exhausted and have no voice left! :p

Also done this week- the annual cookie baking marathon. Well, actually, I'm not totally done- I still have to do my Italian flag cookies. But I've got most baked and gifted. My sugar cookies are glorious:

xmas cookies 2014 c

I found some cute gift boxes/bags to put some of the cookies in:

cookie sleighs

Once again, I cheated and bought a pre-baked kit for a gingerbread house. A small village, actually!

ginger village

Now it's time to finish shopping for and wrapping presents.


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Dec. 16th, 2014 08:51 pm (UTC)
Boy! I miss being in the choir...I only made molasses cookies this year...it's a very old recipe much better than what they have now-a-days, and makes quite a large batch, so I was able to spread them around as gifts.
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