Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Marvel-ous Christmas. :p

Many photos ahead...

Got a bunch of goodies for Christmas this year- including three Marvel books.


The big one is going to take months to get through! :p And now I can't wait for it to rain, so I can use the Marvel umbrella.

Rory got a new toy:

new toy 1new toy 2

He also hid under the tree again!

rory tree xmas eve

Dad and I got Mom flowers:
xmas flowers

I made an awesome chocolate bourbon cake:

xmas cake 2014 axmas cake 2014 b

Katie, Paul, and Sam came to dinner Christmas Eve, and Christmas dinner was at their house. They were all dressed up but didn't go to church because Paul was just too tired.


The church was lovely:
fumc xmas 2014

The choir did well, but my dad had the flu and couldn't sing. We did the Ralph Vaughn Williams Fantasia on Christmas Carols. Our rehearsals had me worried, but we pulled it off. We were missing a bunch of people, but there was a great soloist and very good string players!

Katie's tree:
kps tree 2014

That's about it! Two nice family dinners, a choir performance that was excellent, a good time. Hope everyone had a good holiday!

Tags: choir, christmas, comics, family stuff

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