Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

2015 dolls!

So, the rumors are there will be two new American Girl dolls this year (not counting GOTY). One is from the 50's. If these leaked photos are the real deal, I know I want one! She'll be called Mary Ellen. The other doll will be African American, possibly from the 20's or the 60's- either would be interesting. I think they need to do another Asian-American doll to replace Ivy (still mad they retired her). I also hope there will be a mini GOTY like last year's. The new doll is cute, though I'm disappointed that it's yet another white girl! The other rumor out there is that the historical collection is going to be reduced. I hope that means they're dumping excess accessories, and not any of the dolls.


ETA- there is a mini Grace doll. I've already ordered her. :p Also ordered the mini doll of Saige, the 2013 GOTY. She was the first of the GOTY minis.
Tags: toys!
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