Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Two new boxes!

Finished these this week- wood boxes covered with Marvel fabric.

new box 1 a

new box 2 a

These are so much fun to do.

So, Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show, Brian Williams is suspended from NBC (his own damn fault), and 60 Minutes' Bob Simon just died in a car crash tonight. What a shitty week for television news!

Agent Carter kicked ass last night. No, really, she beat the crap out of several agents (with a bit of help from Jarvis), and, in the best scene of the night, knocked out that sexist pig Agent Thompson. This must the episode that was filming when Hayley Atwell tweeted her apologies for "kicking the stuntman in the balls". Ouch!

I hope the show is renewed. I love the Carter/Angie friendship and REALLY love how Carter and Jarvis work together. And Jarvis is played by James D'Arcy, one of my favorites who just doesn't get enough recognition.
Tags: crafty!, television
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