Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny Hawkeye!

This came in the mail this week:

wee hawkeye 1

It's one of the Age of Ultron two piece sets. Hawkeye came with a sub-Ultron figure, which I really didn't care about. I just wanted one figure of Hawkeye in his Age of Ultron costume. He's so little! Barely two inches tall.

In other toy news, Toys R Us has a special three figure set of Agent Coulson, Maria Hill, and Fury. Don't really care about Fury, but I've been hoping there would be Coulson and Hill figures!

Comics stuff- the Marvel Secret Wars/Battleworld stuff is being previewed in small bits here and there, and one of the editors hinted that the Black Knight has something coming. He said to stay tuned in the next few weeks! Please let it be a solo miniseries for Dane! That's not too much to ask...also please don't kill him. :p

I just got back from day two of the AMC Oscar Showcase. So I've seen all but one of the Best Picture nominees (skipping American Sniper). My favorites were Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman, Whiplash, and The Imitation Game. Theory of Everything, Selma, and Boyhood were all excellent, too. I think Boyhood was a bit overrated, though. The technique of shooting over twelve years was interesting, but the story itself wasn't especially groundbreaking. Well acted, though.
Tags: comics, movies, toys!
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