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Two treats.

Mom and Dad and I planned to go to Umi for lunch last week, but they were closed because of burst water pipes (from the bad weather). I was disappointed, but we went to a new place, Basilico. I'd heard good things about it, but had never been there. I'm so glad we went. It's a real New York style Italian deli, complete with a HUGE case of assorted cakes and pastries. I had a great pesto chicken sandwich for lunch, and a Napoleon for dessert. NOM NOM NOM.


It was amazing. I could have sworn it came from Alphonso's in Staten Island. The owners are actually from New York originally! Next time I'll try one of their pizzas. They also had a wide selection of gelatos.

I got a delightful surprise in the mail- my Funko Pop! Age of Ultron Hawkeye! He's so adorable.

hawkpop 1

He fits right in with Black Widow and Agent Coulson!

hawkpop 2