Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Beware the Ides of March!

A bit of whining, some funny photos, and a continuation of yesterday's comic book talk under the cut.

Today was just one of those days. It started off with the scones I made for breakfast turning out to be no good (I guess the mix was old). Then after choir my robe caught on a chair, knocking it over and taking me with it. ARGH. I wasn't hurt, just embarrassed. Then I went to lunch with Mom and Dad at Bravo...and something was going on with the kitchen staff. Everything was late, the bread, the drinks, and they forgot my salad! Oh, well. The food was good once it arrived. I kept waiting for the day to finish with me getting stabbed in the back like Caesar! :p

Anyway, for the Ides of March, I got a Caesar Salad. And I stabbed it 23 times. :p


Saw this great Peeps diorama, too:

Part two of my new Moon Knight obsession...whoa. This panel is from a previous volume, when Moony was somewhat stable, and things were going well (sort of) with Marlene. They fuck. A lot.
mk v4 issue 15

Nice use of shadows. :p Yeah, once the Comics Code was killed, some of the art got somewhat dirty. (Even Ant-Man and Wasp had some naughty scenes in the Avengers, back in the early 2000s!) Glad they give warnings...comics ain't just for kids, ya know.

Basically, this volume had Marc/Jake telling Khonshu (in his head) to fuck off. Khonshu was having none of it. All kinds of crap happens. By the end of this volume (and the Shadowlands stand-alone), everything has gone to hell and Marc heads to L.A., completely unhinged. It gets worse and worse for the guy! And I thought the Black Knight was nuts at times.

Found a great piece of humorous fan art...Moony has a wardrobe malfunction and moons everybody. So that's why he's called Moon Knight!

moony butt


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