Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Old Clint Barton had a farm...

He even has an old pickup truck. It's actually a birdfeeder, but I'm using it as a prop first.

I had to house-sit for Katie this weekend. Giada was a very good dog as usual. Didn't have a good Memorial Day, though. I was helping Mom with the garden, and got so overheated that it killed my appetite. We had a great cookout and I just couldn't eat a thing. I felt better after drinking a lot of water and taking a nap, but still didn't want to eat. Oh, well.

The American Girl rumors were right- the next historical doll is Maryellen, a girl from 1950s Florida. Here is her mini doll:

She'll be available in August. After my birthday...so I'll have to wait until Christmas to get her. The doll after her will be a black girl from 1960s Detroit. No name or prototypes leaked yet, but she is coming. Caroline (1812) is being retired.

Rory after a rainy day...he likes my Marvel umbrella.

Finally, Captain America wants to remind us all what Memorial Day is really about:

(found on tumblr)
Tags: avenger, rory, toys!
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