Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

I house sat for Katie this week. She has an old barn and other buildings on her property (it used to be a farm). I've never taken any photos of them.

She and Paul wanted to use the barn, but it was falling apart and couldn't be salvaged. It used to house horses, now it's a buzzard nursery.

There are smaller barns scattered throughout the property.

They can't be used for anything, but they sure make the property interesting!

Poor Giada missed her mommy

She was very good this week.

We had Father's Day dinner in Richmond. It was just Mom, Dad, and Sam, because Paul was sick and needed to rest before he and Katie left for their trip this week. It was a good lunch, but down the street there was a building I've never noticed, the Richmond Dairy:

I don't think it's actually a dairy anymore.

Tags: family stuff, pet sitting
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