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My cute little bakery. I made some changes. I didn't like the way the cakes in the kit turned out, so I bought a bunch of tiny pastries and cakes at Michaels. Also, I really messed up the chair, so I bought a replacement for that, too. But I did make all the little boxes!

It was way too small for Mini Grace. But that's okay, it's perfect for Hawkeye and Black Widow!

My next project is going to be a Mini Grace sized room box. I have the right size box on the way, and I plan to buy a dollhouse-sized bakery counter (it's a lot bigger than the one I made here) and table and chair set. I bought doubles of all the little cakes, so that's already done!

Speaking of American Girls, here is Maryellen!

She comes out at the end of August, so it's too late for my birthday. Bummer. But I'll go ahead and get the mini version right away.

The girl of the year for 2016 has already been leaked- Lea. Apparently a bi-racial girl, but from the photos she looks pretty white to me. Come on, AG, give us some dolls of color! She's cute, though...

I saw Minions last Sunday. It was cute and funny. Tomorrow or Saturday I plan to see Ant-Man, so far I've heard very good things. Mom and I want to go see the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy. And then Mr. Holmes. Still plenty of good movies coming out this summer!
Tags: crafty!, the adventures of clintasha, toys!
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