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I got a nice early birthday present- Marvel just announced that there will be a Black Knight ongoing solo series starting in November! I knew something was planned, but thought he was either getting a mini series or would rejoin the Avengers. This is his first ongoing solo- he had a couple of mini series in the 90s as well as a Marvel UK serial with Captain Britain in the late 70s.

Dane has a gritty new look:

Part of the storyline is an offshoot of Secret Wars/Battleworld. Dane somehow gets stuck in the "Weirdworld" and sets up New Avalon. It's not a nice place. The Uncanny Avengers are going after him...that part I don't like the sound of. Dane was a loyal and good Avenger, and I can't believe he'd do anything to have them hunt him down. Darker and edgier seems to be what Marvel is going for with all their characters...Hercules is going the gritty, dark path as well. I hope some of the sweet, dorky "mad scientist" Dane is still in there!

The fact that Marvel is pushing characters like Black Knight and Hercules makes me wonder if either of them is planned for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I'd love to see either get a show on Netflix, at least (like Daredevil).
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