Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

I want the whole damn collection.

More leaked photos from Maryellen's collection! The clothes are great:

I love her diner set and jukebox!

She even has a television set! The table is a little weird, though. Very 50s!

This is probably the first collection I just may have to buy the furniture for. I currently only have Samantha's old table and chair set. I at least want the television and jukebox!

The dolls are supposed to be out August 26, so I'm sure these are the real thing. I'll buy the mini doll and the poodle skirt outfit right away- that can be Julie's Halloween costume!

Really looking forward to the 60s African-American doll photo leaks. If she's out next spring, they should be leaked soon.

The NEXT doll after the 60s should be either the 20s or 80s. And it's high time they did a new Asian character to replace Ivy! Many of the girls who owned the original American Girls are mothers themselves now. An 80s doll would be awesome. (more my generation than Julie!)
Tags: toys!

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