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Katie's birthday and more doll leaks!

We celebrated Katie's birthday with a dinner at Bavarian Chef (local chain). It was soooooooo good. Katie insisted on getting the giant pretzel appetizer:

It was plenty for six people (Sam was there, too!), and it came with a beer cheese dip (yum) and fancy mustard. Everything was delicious, but a little heavy for summer!

The 30th annivesary of American Girl is next year (yikes!). There are going to be special mini dolls coming- every doll in her "special" outfit. Some photos have been leaked- because someone in the factory snuck a few dolls out and sold them on ebay. So these actually may just be prototypes and not the actual dolls (the wrong books are with the dolls, for example). So far here's Samantha, Julie, Addy, Rebecca, Maryellen, and Kit's outfit.

I thought my doll tree at Christmas was going to be overstuffed with the dolls I bought or received this year. By Christmas 2016, the tree will collapse from the weight of just the dolls! There will be at least 10 new minis by the end of next year.

Here's the blog where I found the photos and info: