Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Playing dress-up!

With my mini American Girls! :p I bought one of the Lori by OG outfits at Target today. I really hoped to get my hands on the mini camper, but they’re sold out everywhere. But I picked up an outfit anyway. It fits the mini AGs pretty well. I put it on Isabelle. It took a little work getting the arms through, but it looks cute on her! Not overly fond of the shoes, though. I’ll pick up more outfits, and maybe some mini Lori OG dolls as well. Because they're darned cute, too. And I won't give up on the camper. It's SO perfect for the mini dolls.

I really like the Our Generation clothes and accessories. Both the 18 inch and mini doll outfits look good on American Girls, and they’re cheaper, too! I ordered the poodle skirt set online, because again, all the Targets in my area were out. I still plan to get Maryellen’s poodle skirt outfit, too. You can never have too many poodle skirts!

Tags: toys!
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